Copra Lisi

Partno: A001500
Partno: CO-LI-CO
Copra Lisi:
1400,00 SEK
1400,00 SEK


CopraLiSi Finish is a ready-to-use and easy-to-apply lithium silicate based glass ceramic for monolithic restorations made from zirconium oxide. After applying CopraLiSi Finish it is fired in the ceramic furnace.

Transparent lithium silicate | 75ml


CopraLiSi Connect is a very fine spray to coat the surface of zirconium with lithium silicate ceramic. Due to that coating it is possible to etch zirconium restorations and fix them adhesively.

*CopraLiSi Finish & CopraLiSi Connect are suitable for all zirconium dioxides.