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Zirconia blanks

Zirconia blanks from WhitePeaks are made in the highest possible quality and managed by hand and with great care by the skilled employees of whitepeaks, they are isostaticly pressed which makes sure the blanks are completely homogeneous . Due to the manufacturing procedure and the exclusive use of Tosoh/Japan raw materials, we are proud to offer a lifelong warranty on our WhitePeaks zirconia blanks.

New to WhitePeaks zirconia blanks? Please read our quick overview of the different types available!

12 36 72
  • Isostatically pressed, pre colored 9 layered translucent Zirconia with high bending strength (1100 mpa)
    from 1558,00 SEK
  • Isostatically pressed and pre colored high translucent Zirconia for amazing esthetics.
    from 1610,00 SEK
  • Isostatically pressed Translucent Zirconia with high bending strength
    from 1120,00 SEK
  • CopraSmile is an isostatically pressed High Translucent Zirconia for amazing esthetic results.
    from 1146,00 SEK
  • Copran ZR-I from White Peaks is isostatically pressed. This copran product is the strongest of our Zirconia...
    from 1050,00 SEK